Prism Sparkle Ball Stud Earrings With Holographic Case [Limited Edition]

Hillberg & Berk

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Sparkle with pride! Hand-placed crystals in a rainbow of aurora borealis, light amethyst, light sapphire, peridot, jonquil, light rose, and rose recreate the colourful, refracted light of a prism in the signature Sparkle Balls™ stud earrings. Each pair also comes with a special holographic case.

This is a very special Sparkle Ball™ to represent the diverse array of people in our lives. Created in celebration of Pride, and proudly supporting the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity. Every purchase of Prism will support the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity through the empowerment of the LGBTQ2S+ community.

View more colour and style options here

Sterling silver, Sparkle Ball™ stud

Hand-set crystal in clay base

Limited edition holographic case with each pair

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